Jennifer R. Welty Portraits

"One of America's Top Award-Winning Portrait Artists"

  • 1979 Graduated Valedictorian, International Fine Arts College
  • 1979 Interior Design Award, International Fine Arts College
  • 1979 Euster Furniture Award, 1st Place
  • 1979-2002 My Greatest Achievement in life: raised two little humans
  • 2002 Certificate of Recognition  -Portrait Society of America
  • 2002 Finalist- American Artist Magazine 
  • 2003 FINALIST Honors Award- International Portrait Competition- Portrait Society of America 
  • 2003 1st Place, Artwalk, Portrait Brokers of America, 
  • 2003 Best Portfolio Award- Portrait Society of America 
  • 2004 Certificate of Recognition- Portrait Society of America
  • 2004 Finalist- American Artist Magazine 
  • 2005 Honors Award, International Portrait Competition- Portrait Society of America 
  • 2008 Certificate of Excellence- Portrait Society of America 
  • 2010 Honors Award, International Portrait Competition- Portrait Society of America 
  • 2010 Who's Who in American Art - 2010-present
  • 2011 Certificate of Excellence, International Portrait Competition-Portrait Society of America 
  • 2011 Best Portfolio Winner - Portrait Society of America 
  • 2011 Finalist, Still Life, Members Only Competition, Portrait Society of America  
  • 2011 Finalist, Non-Commissioned Portrait- Portrait Society of America 
  • 2013 Finalist, "Out of the Box", Members Only- Portrait Society of America 
  • 2013 Finalist, Commissioned Portrait Category- Portrait Society of America 
  • 2013, Finalist, Award of Exceptional Merit- International Portrait Competition, Portrait Society of America, for "Will"
  • 2013  2nd Place award, "Face-Off" competition, Portraits Inc.
  • 2014  Portrait Society of America Members Only commissioned portrait category, 10th merit award for "Bennet"
  • 2014    Award of Excellence, Portrait Society of America International Competition, for "Liesel"
  • 2015   FINALIST,  5th Place and PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD,  International Portrait Competition, for "the Sansom Boys", Portrait Society of America
  • 2016   4th place, commissioned portrait category, Portrait Society of America, for "Parrish"
  • 2016 1st Place Award for "Abigail", Portraits Inc. yearly competition
  • 2017  FINALIST in the International Portrait Competition, Portrait Society of America,  Award of Exceptional Merit for "Presley"





 "Whatever you decide to do, I wish you great success." -Sincerely yours, Norman Rockwell

"I cannot thank you enough for the time, patience, care, vision, and mainly wonderful artistic ability that made a painting like this possible. There is no amount I can pay you that equals the worth of what you have given us.  Please accept my humble thanks for creating something so beautiful. God performed the miracle of giving us life and making such moments of love possible, and you performed the miracle of capturing it and making that moment for me and the kids timeless."-A.M., Memphis, TN

"We love Maureen's sketch!! You, once again, did a wonderful job of capturing her personality. -K.P., CA

" I am speechless. I cannot believe the painting. It is so incredibly gorgeous. You captured me to a "T." It looks exactly like me and is so elegant and beautiful.  I want you to know how much I love and appreciate it.  It is truly gorgeous. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"- Maria Bartiromo, MSNBC Anchorwoman

"...Honored to paint with you!"- Nancy Guzik

"The portrait of Gina and Paul is absolutely stunning in both look and feel."- L.I., NYC

"We received Heron's portrait yesterday, and all we can say is that the Pike family is your biggest fan! With our girl's portraits, you have captured their individual spirits so well its amazing. The two paintings are in the beautiful style we like, but they are in no way similar, (which is great, because neither are the girls!)  Initially, we were considering having different artists paint all four daughters, now we are certain that we would like you to do all of them! To sum up, these paintings are everything we hoped they would be!"- D.P. CA

"We are so thankful that our paths have crossed with such a compassionate and caring person. But to have an artist of your caliber to capture not only the physical beauty but also the spirit of our most precious gifts in this world makes the decision to turn you loose to trust your instincts so very easy. With your inspiration, we have no doubts about the end result! Thank you for allowing us to be part of the "birth process!"- N. and K., Birmingham, AL

"As you see, we just hung the portrait and it looks...well, there is no perfect word for it. I think our whole house just livened up! He looks better than we ever imagined. The size is perfect, the composition is perfect, the frame is perfect..."-M.T.- Birmingham, AL










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